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Over 50 Hospitals, Center-based and Outpatient Healthcare facilities of all capacities in Singapore routinely use our Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists manpower services and till date, we have clocked in more than 100,000 Rehabilitation Hours and supporting an average of 400 clients, island-wide on a typical work day.


That makes us as one of Singapore's largest provider of Allied Health Professionals manpower staffing solution provider. As a result, we are directly responsible for helping more than 96,000 people receive better care. That’s a phenomenal achievement, but we know we can do more.

Offering Reliable, Quality Rehabilitation care  is only one aspect that keeps our customers coming back. They also know we put their needs first because we’re never too busy to help. All our customers are supported by a dedicated telephone-based team that answers both system and policy queries. 

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The Pacific Rehab PEOPLE Deal

Our success come down to Our People.


Without them, we will not be able to deliver the service we offer. We are a great team.


Every one of us is focused on helping Care Providers providing outstanding care.

By pulling together, we make this happen and by being supportive of each other, we create and share in our successes. 


The Pacific Rehab People Deal is an informal contract created by all of us at PR.  It sets out the work culture we live by as rehab partners and how the company will support us. We have journeyed this together and have recently attained to be part of the wider network of Agency of Integrated Care ( AIC ) Singapore. 



 This accomplishment shows we’re on the right track. There’s still more work to do, but with us all working together we make Pacific Rehab & Therapy  a fantastic place to work.