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Dementia Consultation Services

Our passion for helping improve the quality of care received by individuals with dementia in Singapore has led us to offer consultation services to everyone involved. Our knowledge, up-to-date skills, and experience in this healthcare sector translates to life-change in results.

Whether you are caring for one person after a dementia diagnosis, work in the healthcare industry, or act as an administrator to a support or care institution, you can learn more and become better equipped to offer exceptional service and help.

Pacific Rehab & Therapy focuses on providing comprehensive support and education for individuals, families, care specialists, and institutions dedicated to assisting patients with dementia. We not only help create effective care plans but also empower clients and organizations to improve strategies, technological systems, and solutions across the board.

Led by our Dementia Care Specialist and Consultant Occupational Therapist,

Ms Prudence Chan, Pacific Rehab Group has embarked on various Dementia Training & Consultation Projects appointed by various healthcare institutions in Singapore.


Research and Innovation

Pacific Rehab Group has worked with a variety of universities and medical industry partners for decades on the development and use of technology for persons with dementia. 

Our core consultancy work features working with alongside with medical facilities and technological companies to co-develop, repurpose, trial and adoption of technology to improve quality of lives of individuals with dementia.

Some of our key projects include: 

  • Educational & Dementia Awareness Talks

  • Dementia Care Training

  • Co-Development of Gerontech Products

  • Research & Trial Implementation



Talks & Workshops

Care Staff

Training & Workshops

Research & Consultancy





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