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Make Home Therapy Personal to your Loved One

As a Community Partner of Agency of Integrated Care ( AIC ) Singapore with more than 16 years of improving the mobility of clients under our care, be matched with the most suitable Certified, Licensed & Clinically Experienced Therapist to help you with your loved one’s mobility, strength & independence, in the place you call home.

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Home-based Occupational Therapy

Uniquely cater to anyone 

  • dementia

  • post-operative 

  • post hospitalization

  • stroke or Parkinsons' Disease

  • anyone having difficulties engaging in self-care or functional independence

Home-based Physiotherapy

Uniquely cater to anyone

  • generalized weakness

  • post-operative

  • post-hospitalization

  • stroke or Parkinsons's Disease

  • anyone having difficulties in functional mobility or independence

Home-based Speech and Language Therapist

Uniquely cater to individuals with

  • speech challenges

  • swallowing difficulties

  • communication 

  • stroke

  • dementia

  • Parkinson's or Neurological Impairments

Booking a Session is Fuss- Free and Convenient

Steps to Booking a Session with us!


Step 1

WHATSAPP  +65- 8875 6802 


Step 2

Email us clients’ recent Medical Summary or Doctor’s memo


Step 3

Therapy Appoint Confirmation

Note: Depending on the availibity of our rehab professionals, we are able to commence therapy within a week.


What is Included in 45 mins to 1 hours

What is included in a session:

  • Comprehensive Rehab Assessment & Review

  • Evidence-based Therapy Treatment

  • Therapist Consultation

All services are rendered by Licensed Therapists registered with Allied Health Profession Council ( AHPC ) with extensive clinical experiences.

100% Local Therapist and able to communicate in local dialects.


Fee is inclusive of transport fee of the therapist & Medical Malpractice Insurance