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We are pleased to announce that WE. HAVE. GONE. MOBILE!

While our mobile devices have created new communication channels between patients and healthcare service providers, it is our belief that mobile apps can also be used to improve the work experiences that our healthcare professionals seek out.

Here at Pacific Locum, we want our allied health professionals to enjoy greater flexibility, diverse work environments, and access to an equal work-life balance, all without compromising on income. This is why Pacific Locum is happy to announce that all partnering therapists can now utilize our mobile app platform. This will allow all partners to save time, address human resource matters, and generally make being a locum easier than ever.

What Features Can You Expect When we GO MOBILE?

An intuitive and simple to use interface. Signing in and out is done in a few clicks and navigating around the application is seamless and easy to do. We keep it simple so that you can get to the features you need without jumping through multiple menus.

A convenient way to clock in and out of work. Our mobile app has a real-time track for attendance, allowing users to clock in and out from anywhere through the app. How? The integrated face recognition technology verifies who you are, and your GPS location is captured to clock you in.

24/7 schedule access. As we all know, while being a locum provides you with diverse work locations and environments, it can become difficult to remember where exactly you are working and when. Our mobile app provides you access to your locum schedule on a 24/7 basis.

Project your monthly income. The application comes with a consolidated daily or monthly attendance report, allowing you to see when you worked and for how long. This can help you project how much your income has been over the course of a day or monthly time period.

Payslip access. You will have 24/7 access to all of your payslips through the mobile app. You can set up notifications for when payslips become available.

Is PDPA -compliant & ISO certified. Not only is our mobile app compliant with the Personal Details Protection Act but it is also ISO-certified.

What Advantages Does GOING MOBILE Bring to Our Locums?

Our initiative at Pacific Rehab and Therapy is to constantly seek to improve the work experiences of our locums. Our mobile application does this by helping our locums gain access to greater flexibility through clocking in and out of work, and helps all partners save time from administrative tasks like checking your schedule and gaining access to payslips. Beyond this, as we modernize and streamline our operations, we want to remain environmentally friendly and help our locums minimize error in scheduling mishaps. Our goal is to make locum life easier while being on the go.

Have Questions? Please Contact Us!

If you are a Fully Registered Allied Health Professional with prior clinical experiences and wish to become a locum, please contact us via WhatsApp at +65-98761160 or drop your CV to and one of our friendly recruiters will get in touch with you within 48 hours.

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