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PRESS RELEASEPacific Rehab & Therapy Has Gone Mobile

Inviting all Rehab Managers & Hiring Organizations to Consider Our Allied Health Staffing Solutions.

[Singapore, August 26th, 2019] ​— In our fast-paced, digitally-led world, smartphones and tablets have become our primary interface for communication between allied health professionals, partnering organizations, and our dedicated locum workforce.

Here at Pacific Rehab & Therapy, it has always been our vision to provide our partnering organizations with seamless user-experiences that are flexible and modernized to fit our current era and workforce demands.

As part of our bid in continuing this mission, Pacific Rehab and Therapy is happy to announce that we have gone mobile. At this time, we would like to extend an invitation to explore our services and see what our mobile application can offer you.

How Can You Benefit as a Hiring Organization?

Our mobile application will help you in the following ways.

An Environmentally-Friendly Step Up: ​your entire workforce will no longer need to manually submit timesheets to payroll. At the end of the month, the mobile application will provide a monthly summary of the timed attendance for all therapists. Not only does this save on paper but it is an easy green initiative to set up and maintain.

Streamline Payroll Processing: ​with all timesheets being made available at the end of the month, payroll processing is efficient, quick, and streamlined due to minimize human error. Your payroll department will breeze through submissions, saving time and paper processing.

Measured Accountability: ​the application’s time attendance system captures employees attendance timing through biometric/facial recognition scans and can automatically calculate lateness, overtime, and allowances. It supports unlimited working patterns, comes with an auto-shift feature system, individual employee assignments, and user-friendly parameter settings. There is access to hourly rate summaries, movement reports, working hours summary, and a daily attendance report. Meaning you have access to accurate time tracking and accountability measures.

Reliable and Consistent Payslip Access: ​all therapists will have 24/7 access to payslips through the mobile app. Push notifications can be set up en masse or individually for when payslips become available, eliminating the need for manual processing.

Is PDPA-compliant and ISO-certified: ​the application is compliant with the Personal Details Protection Act and is ISO-certified.

How Does This Help Your Workforce?

It provides greater flexibility in those who are clocking in and out of work, helps employees save valuable time in submitting required documents, and provides 24/7 account access to useful information surround payslips, salary, and tax information. All in all, saved time on your employees’ end, saves time on your departments’ end.

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