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Shirleen Sim: Locumming to Spend More Time with Family

As most of us know, working full-time when you have a family that relies on you as a mother, can take an emotional and mental toll on you. Not only does it cause you to miss out on precious family moments, but it can make you feel guilty for having to make a choice between working or spending time with your children. For Shirleen Sim, a mother of two young and beautiful children, the hectic lifestyle of full-time work did just this. Working as a full- time occupational therapist in a restructured hospital setting, Shirleen found herself with very little time to spend with her children as her job required her to work full-time hours while juggling administrative responsibilities off the clock. This often led to her working while at home and losing the time she needed to spend with her family. In this interview, Shirleen Sim describes how working with Pacific Rehab and Therapy has positively impacted her life as an occupational therapist.

How Has Working as a Pacific Rehab Locum Changed Your Life?

While I still work full-time hours as an occupational therapist, working four full days a week, I now have the time to be fully present with my kids when I am at home. I no longer have to worry about looming project deadlines, which when I was working in the restructured hospital setting, would always be at the back of mind waiting for me to get to them. Working as a locum for Pacific Rehab and Therapy has taken away the dilemma of having to choose between spending my free time on work responsibilities versus spending time with my kids. This has led to better relationships with my children and my family as a whole is much happier because they get to actually spend time with and see their mother during the week. I no longer miss out on important activities or events and I can spend quality time with them when I am at home versus always being distracted by work emails or other minute responsibilities.

How Has Your Work Routine Changed with The Switch to Locumming?

Since my job transition to be a locum for Pacific Rehab and Therapy, my routines for getting prepared for work in the mornings, heading to work, and spending the day at work have not changed. However, after getting off work, there’s no longer a pressing need for me to check work emails or switch on my computer at home to complete outstanding administrative work. When I was working as a full-time occupational therapist in the restructured hospital setting, any administrative work that did not get done during the day had to be done at home. This would spill into my personal and family time. That is no longer the case with me doing locum work.

Why Mothers Should Consider Locumming?

Locumming is a good option for mothers like me, who wish to be there for our kids at their tender, young ages while still working as therapists in their chosen field. Not only do you get to work in diverse work environments, but you receive a flexible schedule, higher pay rates, and an equal work-life balance.

What Is the Best Thing About Working with Pacific Rehab & Therapy? My experience in working with Pacific Rehab and Therapy has been great so far as the agency has been very responsive with my transition from the restructured hospital to their platform. The agency continuously seeks out ways to improve its work processes in order to provide better service and provisions for all end users.


Pacific Rehab & Therapy provides one of the largest locum staffing platforms for community clinics, hospitals, specialized schools, nursing homes, senior care centers, and certified therapist organizations. If you are an allied health professional, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, or speech and language therapist who wants more flexibility in your working hours and employment positions or just want more time to raise your young ones, Pacific Rehab & Therapy has open positions available. Our benefits include competitive rates, medical malpractice coverage & medical benefits programs.So, apply today!

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