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Home-based Therapy and Why It's Worth Your Consideration


Irrespective of your age and the medical condition you have, most of us would rather receive treatment at home instead of in a hospital. Most health care providers around the world have also recognized that home-based therapy plays a significant role and its capacity takes the stress out of the equation and especially in times of pandemic like now.

And today, technology is on your side. We now have access to professionals, equipment, and expertise necessary to care for individuals at home with ease and efficacy.

If you or someone you know is looking for home therapy services, here’s everything you need to know to make a clear and informed decision.

What Are Home Therapy Services?

Home-based therapy is client - centric and if you have a condition that restricts you from leaving the house, home-based therapy services can provide you with the attention and care you need at your home. If you’re recovering from an extensive surgery like a Total Hip Replacement or a Knee Replacement surgeries, home-based physiotherapy will save you the hassle of travelling for your outpatient rehabilitation session.

Let’s take a look at the three main types of home-based therapy sessions made available :

1. Home-based Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy supports and strengthen one's level of mobility and independence. From preventing falls to enhancing strength and stability, physiotherapists empower individuals with their daily exercises through exercise prescription and through the use of therapy aids or modalities in hope to advocate for best treatment outcomes possible without incurring further injuries.

2. Home-based Occupational Therapy

On the other hand, Occupational Therapists train and improve one's capacity to manage one's activities of daily living. Other than training individuals to improve one's independence In dressing, feeding, showering, personal hygiene and grooming, Occupational Therapists train patients on using equipment and introduce them to techniques that will help them carry out other aspects of functional Independence like meal preparation, household management and community integration.

3. Home-based Speech Therapy

Home-based Registered Speech & Language Therapists are key professionals appointed to render speech and language rehabilitation. Home-based Speech Therapists help clients with challenges in speech, in swallowing or communication in general. Often times, clients with strokes, neurological disorder and conditions which impede one's speech will benefit greatly from speech and language therapy intervention.

The Benefits Of Home Therapy Services

In many ways, home-based therapists are like professional caregivers. Be it caring for patients from a medical standpoint or making them feel loved and cared for, home-based therapists treat patients with empathy and compassion as they look after them diligently. If you’re thinking about opting for home therapy services, here are some of key benefits you can expect.

Home Therapy Services Are Convenient

Traveling and commuting to hospitals or outpatient rehabilitation center regularly can get stressful for not only the patient but also their loved ones. Home therapy allows you to access rehabilitation interventions conveniently in your own home. Receiving rehabilitation care at home also greatly reduce the risk of contracting infectious disease which could take place in crowded settings like the hospitals.

Home Therapy Is Flexible

Often times, outpatient or center-based rehabilitation offers schedules subjected to the availability of the attending clinician with minimal flexibility of time. However, home-based therapy sessions generally offer greater flexibility of time and treatment plan which works effectively for the patient as well as the attending therapists.

Home Therapy Nurtures Intergenerational Relationships

In-home therapy provides an opportunity for patients and their caregivers to bond and make healthy connections that help patients heal faster and more holistically. Typically, home therapy sessions are conducted in the presence of their loved ones and such conducive environment offers therapeutic benefits and these undivided attention are essential to promote environment in which they can thrive.

Home Therapy Prioritizes Safety

Common rehabilitation settings like hospitals and clinics are are relatively crowded and busy. A patient who’s suffering from physical immobility or speech or vision impairment may find it difficult to navigate through the hustle and bustle of a busy setting. Home therapy, on the other hand, allows patients to receive treatment in a familiar and self-controlled environment. This reduces the risk of unforeseen circumstance and minimizes unnecessary external stresses.

Mdm Margaret Weller, one of our care recipient of Home Therapy Programme.

Choose Pacific Rehab & Therapy

In the light of the pandemic, Pacific Rehab & Therapy brings a range of in-home care services to your doorstep. We are a powerhouse of Certified, Registered, & Local, Licensed Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists & Speech Therapists who are experienced in a multitude of skills and expertise.

With Mdm Loo, a care recipient of Home Therapy Programme is having a singing session with Occupational Therapist

With experienced Local Therapists on board, you can easily find a suitable in-home therapist to care for your loved ones. All our clinicians are fully registered with Allied Health Profession Council Singapore ( AHPC ) and are able to communicate in local dialect.

No matter the condition, Pacific Rehab & Therapy offers reliable in-home solutions that are supported and driven by evidence and extensive research.

Most importantly, our solutions are in adherence to the latest COVID-19 guidelines and recommendation by Ministry of Health ( MOH ).

We are currently running a Complimentary Phone Consult ( limited slots ). To book a session to discuss with our therapist, simply Whatsapp 8875 6802 and we will connect with you.

If you wish to find out more, check us out at :


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