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As a clinician-led organization that has provided staffing, therapy, and consultations to both the hospital and community-based rehabilitation sectors for the past ten years, Pacific Rehab & Therapy goes above and beyond a typical job-matching agency status. With Ms. Prudence, Group Clinical Director of Pacific Rehab & Therapy, Consultant Occupational Therapist & Dementia Care Specialist, at the helm, the organization has given locums access to just more than a job-matching service, but has also provided professional learning development, access to continuous training, and extensive job offerings for portfolio expansion and specialized placements. In this interview with Ms. Prudence, we will outline 5 major ways that Pacific Rehab & Therapy goes beyond an agency.

5 Ways Pacific Rehab Moves Beyond Agency Status.

1. Provides Professional Development Through Continuous Learning & Training.

Due to the nature of locum work, that being a stand-in position, it is perceived that training opportunities can be compromised. Pacific Rehab believes that for professional development to occur, continuous learning and training needs to be provided to ensure quality care is always given. As such, we have a Clinical Training Department, led by Clinical Training Manager & Senior Occupational Therapist, Ms. Eriko. All of our hires have access to continuous learning and training, through our key initiatives of Journal Club & Training / Workshop Newsletters.

A Journal Club for Partnering Therapists. The journal club features a series of evidence-based, high-quality, paid journals. These are the latest published works and are provided to all partnering therapists for free. We believe that these journal articles will inform on clinical decisions and provide all partnering therapists with greater insight into the ever-evolving landscape of rehab interventions as new innovative products hit the market like robotic rehabilitation, AI technology, and virtual-reality technology. This is part of our value-based staffing solution. The journal club is a new key initiative of 2020.

A Newsletter Outlining Training & Workshops. All partners receive regular newsletters that provide information on upcoming training courses and workshops that are catered to Allied Health Professionals. This is managed by our Clinical Team Leader & Occupational Therapist, Mr. Heedayat. The idea behind the newsletter is to save our therapists their time, by bringing them the information to the forefront so that they do not waste time trying to source it on their own. All courses are offered by highly recognized clinical institutions within Singapore and are relevant to all training required to succeed as a locum therapist.

2. A Customized Mentorship Program.

Our customized mentorship program encourages junior therapists to grow their careers with us. Our clinical resources, opportunities, and capacities engage, empower, and encourage them to seek out clinical guidance from our Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists within the mentorship program. This is another resource and guidance avenue that locums can use to seek out professional development.

3. Extensive Job Assignments for Portfolio Expansion.

We understand that is it is essential to have exposure in various clinical settings in order to garner the experience needed to have a unique clinical portfolio. At Pacific Rehab, we have a large variety of job assignments, so we are able to fulfill and align preferred work settings for those looking to specialize their career. This is why we offer our services across the health sector in numerous environments.

4. A Green Initiative - Paperless Movement. While technology will never replace the role of a recruiter and the expertise needed to job match and deploy, it does drive growth towards a more environmentally friendly future. We have transitioned to using cloud-based solutions and mobile applications, unlocking a full suite of mobile app solutions for our partners. This is in support of a paperless future.

5. Benefits for Partnering Organizations & Locums

Those who partner with us, will also receive Medical Malpractice Insurance coverage that saves out-of-pocket expenses if you work independently. We want our locums to work with peace of mind, and therefore, those who fulfill minimum hour requirements, are eligible to sign up as a member of our Outpatient Medical & Corporate Medical Benefits program which offers wellness benefits (up to 40%), dental care (up to 30%), health specialist consultation, general practice corporate rates, traditional Chinese Medicine corporate rates, and 1 complimentary health screening per year. This comes with a paperless claims, a digital wallet, digital verification services, cashless payment system, and a health services listing for easy access.

About Pacific Rehab & Therapy

Pacific Rehab & Therapy is a clinician-led organization that provides locum therapist staffing, therapy, and consultations to both the hospital and community-based rehabilitation sectors. Founded back in 2009, the organization is within its tenth year of service to day care centers, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and facilities for those with dementia. With decades of experience across staff members, Pacific Rehab has in-depth knowledge both of the industry and what to look for in candidates looking to have career as locums. While a typical locum agency will facilitate job-matching between the hiring organization and the candidate, Pacific Rehab & Therapy goes above and beyond an agency status by facilitating job-matching and offering the following : Locum Physiotherapists, Locum Occupational Therapists, Locum Speech & Language Therapists in Singapore.

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