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7 Advantages of Working as a Locum Therapist in Singapore

1. A Better Income: temporary locum therapists earn a Better income, receiving higher pay rates than permanent and full-time tenured positions. In some areas, a locum therapist will earn double the hourly rate of those on permanent staff. This is primarily because locum therapists work shorter contracts and are not entitled to sick days, benefits or maternity leave.

2. A Flexible Schedule: because locum therapists are not tied to a long-term, permanent contract, more control and flexibility is available. Not only do you get to choose which placements you work in but you can choose when you take your vacation time as it is as simple as not taking another contract until you are ready.

3. An Equal Work-Life Balance: locum therapists have a better work, life balance because payment is for a specified amount of hours. This means that going into work as a temporary member of staff, allows you to just focus on the job without bringing it home at the end of the day. In addition to this, if the placement isn’t working out, finding another one doesn’t equate to the same amount of stress that you would feel if you were leaving a full-time, permanent position.

4. Diverse Environments: to put this simply, you can travel anywhere you are needed. This will give you life stories and a unique lifestyle. You could learn new languages and see new cultures if you wanted to.

5. Access to Vast Experience: not only will you be able to work in various practices and locations, you will also get the opportunity to build professional relationships and expand your skill-set in the process. This means building on skills associated with business management, accounting, organization, and self-confidence.

6. No Work Politics: you won’t have to worry about getting drawn into office politics as you won’t be a permanent staff member, so there is less time available for you to get lost in the politic web. All you have to do is go in, focus on the job, and walk away at the end of the day with little worries.

7. Avoid Work Burnout: a locum therapist helps permanent and full-time members of staff by giving them time off and relieving them when needed. This ensures that patients are getting the best care possible because they are not being tended by someone who is fatigued and burnt out.

If you have ever wondered about becoming a locum therapist but are unsure of how to get started, Pacific Locum can help you. Established in 2010, the Pacific Locum Therapist Agency by Pacific Rehab can match you to any desired position in all levels of healthcare across Singapore.

Begin your career as a locum and enjoy freedom, flexibility, and control over your working life. Click the link to register and start your new career with us.



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