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Things You Need to Know About A Locum Therapist’s Journey

In an ageing population in Singapore, the Allied Health Professional industry plays a crucial segment of healthcare service provision. It is undeniable that the demand for Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech Therapy services remain high in recent years. Other than seeking full-time employment position, working as a locum therapist has been the “ Go-To ” and popular alternative career option among clinicians. While most people would opt to be a full-time therapist, choosing the locum career path is worth considering and here is why.


Benefits of working as a Locum

1. Work-life balance

With a good work-life balance, you will have optimal control over your working hours. As a locum, you can rework your shifts to a schedule that is most convenient for you. This will allow you to plot some personal time for your family and overall well-being. With that, you will likely be able to avoid episodes of burnout.

2. Competitive remuneration

Regular employment positions could be getting a reasonable remuneration, but things could be even better for you when working as a locum. Why? Note that the regular therapists may have a salary cap. This can be limiting to them since they are working full-time in an institution.

Locum is paid on an hourly basis, and the rate of pay could depends on nature of project, budget of the institution they are being hired and the level of demand at the point of hiring. They, therefore, have some influence on ones’ monthly income level. This could be particularly essential for clinicians who wish to accelerate your savings to especially for clinicians who are aspiring to start your own practice in the near future.

3. Medical malpractice insurance coverage

Another advantage of partnering with Pacific Rehab & Therapy is that locum therapists do not pay medical malpractice out of pocket. Other than enabling you to save on insurance premium for malpractice coverage, this will certainly protect you against the financial risk that comes with malpractice.

4. Gain career experience prior to Specialization

The diversity of projects and assignments ranges from all clinical settings (from restructured setting, community-based to intermediate & long-term care) to non-clinical assignments (from clinical training, content development to research opportunities ) allows you to gain exposure to available work settings of your choice or to your preference. This is particularly crucial if you are seeking to specialize in any area of rehab specialization.

5. Community engagement through Rehab Work

If you are a clinician working in the restructured setting and would like to explore and be part of the greater network of community-based rehab care, we’ve got you covered. In a rapidly aging society where community-based rehab care work is emerging and gaining momentum to meet increased care needs in recent years, working as a locum in this network is enables you to can bring along your skilled rehab expertise to the community and make a difference in their lives.

6. Training Opportunities

Access to Paid Journal Articles – for FREE

At Pacific Rehab, we recognize that in delivering quality rehab care, regular clinical training and mentoring programme are essential to ones’ clinical development, especially for new clinicians. As our partnering locums, you will receive COMPLIMENTARY journal articles send to your email on a monthly basis. These carefully hand-picked journal articles ( often, paid articles ) could be useful in complementing your clinical decision allowing you to keep up with evidence-based practice at work.

PRT Mentoring Programme for New Clinicians

Clinical development and training is a life-long process for clinicians. Especially for new hires, one may benefit from clinical guidance and mentorship. We recognize that this is essential to professional development and with our years of clinical experiences in the industry, you’re your request, we are able to partner you with one of our in-house senior clinicians to offer guidance at the initial stage of your locum journey.

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